How to begin

If you have any space in and around your house which receives sunlight for at least 3 hours in a day, is an ideal place to start.

A balcony/ open terrace/ window grill are ideal places to start!


If you do not have a space constraint, I would suggest you start with one or two Rose plants. Rose plants require a pot size of minimum 6 inches and a maximum of 10 inches. It is best to choose a Rose plant with strong stem formation. Rose is a sturdy perennial plant.  It flowers throughout all seasons.

If you have a space constraint where in you cannot fit in big plants like Rose, I would suggest you to go for small flowering plants like Chrysanthemum and Marigold (dwarf variety) in a pot size of 3-4inches.

Flowering plants are the best ones to start with as they require very low maintenance as well as they give us lot of scope to learn.

The plants need to be watered regularly (daily). Different plants have different water requirements. Excessive watering creates equal stress on a plant as inadequate watering. I will be discussing about different plant stresses in detail in my upcoming articles.

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10 thoughts on “How to begin

  1. Hi Sumati,
    Nice to see ‘REEMA’s GARDEN’ and impressed.
    We also maintain some plants (all sorts of green plants- Around 100+ Pots) in our house. My mother Take care usually. I too have some interest.
    I am noticing a problem that the Rose plants die early and have never seen in full bloom.
    Could you share your experience from preparion of the pot to the selection of Rose plants and the manure to be used.I shall be highly obliged.
    Best wishes,

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    1. why are the rose plants dying ?
      1. have they been attacked by pests?
      2. when have you last added chemical fertilizer or organic compost to the soil ?

      please let me know the above details. I’ll be in a better position to understand the problem.


  2. Hi .. I am planning to start with planting.. i tght its a very simple thing ..but actually when i want to , i am totally confused what to plant.. i have indoor and outdoor place..
    Need few guidelines..

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  3. Hi Nikki!! Its nice to hear from you!! I am assuming you stay in India.. Its summer now. So its best to get the most robust plants like Rose and Hibiscus. Once the climate is slightly more conducive you can start adding various other plants to your garden. 🙂 It is very simple and easy. Just water them regularly (daily)


    1. Hi dear.. i am based in kalyan. Hibiscus in pots .. is it a great idea? I have mini roses.. wanted it to be more colourful also and pest free. Can u pls guide. Its like in a big balcony..

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      1. hibiscus in pots is great idea. many dwarf varieties are available. Pathare nursery still stands as one of the best in kalyan. you can also go for mogra, jai, jui (all the varities of jasmine) o start with. keep adding organic manures at regular intervals(15-25 days).
        I do not recommend chemical fertilizers like urea. But its a personal choice.
        Healthy plants don’t get affected by pests soon or even if they do, they fight the pests themselves. you don’t need a pesticide or insecticide. just keep adding manure very regularly.


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