None of the discussions on gardening/ farming/ organic produce/ manure/ composting is ever complete without talking about COWS!!

Cow dung and urine are considered one of the most elite sources of compost. Cow dung is rich of minerals and bacteria cultures which turns the soil very fertile. However there are many ways in which we can apply this cow dung to the soil. I’ll be discussing a few of those methods. Cow dung can be added to the compost bin/pit as well. There is no right or wrong way of application just a better way.

The first method that I am going to talk about here is called

AMRUTJAL (literally translated as NECTAR-WATER)

For making AMRUTJAL we require

1kg of fresh cow dung

1 liter of cow urine

10 liters of water

50 grams of jaggery

Now all you have to do is add all of the above contents in a container/bucket, mix them all thoroughly, cover the container and keep it aside for three days. During these three days you have stir the mixture (clockwise and anti-clockwise, 12 times each) three times every day. Fourth day onward you can use this mixture.

How to use: Dilute the above mixture with water in ratio of 1:10 i.e. for every one liter of mixture you can add 10 liters of water and use it to water plants. This acts as an excellent compost for plants.

Here’s a video for reference!!

VC : Amit Dharamsi

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  1. Is it possible for a flower to click the picture of another flower . With so many thoughts in my mind I always get the answer. Yes, miracles do happen

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      1. ohh wow !! Thank you so much..!! I am new to this nominating process.. !! What do i have to do next.. ?? Can i nominate you back ?? or have you already achieved the award ?? I am sorry for so many questions…

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      2. Yes you can …just read carefully my blog where I nominated will get the clue how to do it .Incase of any difficulty please comment back.
        It’s not a compulsion to do it immediately. Take your own time.

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      3. Sure sure 😊😊 problem …that’s the spirit ..please also check the blogs of nominated persons too they are great writers and the one who nominated me …Radhika
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      1. Yes like you we do water it down too.. But mostly because of the harsh winters here we spread it on the land after we have winter dug it and allow it to rot even further into the soil naturally. Then re-dig it in, in the Spring. You will find farmers more or less do the same as they ‘muck-spread’ it onto their fields after gathering in say a wheat crop.. Before they plough later on to rotate crops.

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  2. Reema….. I saw rainbow rose seeds on Amazon, just out of curiosity I thought of asking you, if it was true, coz lots of people in the review say, their seeds didn’t germinate… M

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      1. Why don’t you have a look on Amazon site…. Search for plant seeds….. And it’s not just rainbow there are other colors too…… But then have you heard or seen a rainbow rose…… May be this can help you to research and even let me know

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      2. I know.. I have been through the site many a times… Propagating roses through seeds is something I don’t want to do !! I’ll very soon come up with posts on propagation, germination and drafting..!! But Rainbow roses are definitely not on my agenda !! there are many other flowers which are propagated through seeds like dahlia and zinnia and marigolds and many more..I’ll write about them!!


      3. Reema….. You being a sort of expert, I asked you few things which I don’t know, as a help…..and you instead are replying something else….. Anyways thank you…….

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