Balcony & Terrace Gardening

Now that you have decided which type of Garden you’ll be creating, let’s proceed to create one! In case you missed the article on different types of Garden that you can create, click here!

Where to Begin:

  • Factor in the space available in your Balcony/Terrace
  • Also check the hours of sunlight available
  • Decide on the type of Garden that you want to create/Design
  • Decide on the number of plants you’ll like to have
  • Decide exactly where and how you’ll place them. Positioning is the key! While deciding the position of each plant see to it that you’re placing plants that require sunlight in a spot that receives maximum sunlight and the shade loving plants on the other end.
  • Buy suitable pots and Containers for the plants
  • Buy the plants/seeds
  • Pot the Plants as mentioned here
  • You’re all set!!


  • Pots are the first ones to grab the attention of the onlookers! And probably Yours too!
  • As I said, positioning is the key! Place the plants in proper hierarchy or Patterns.
  • Climbers/creepers, especially flowering ones, add a lot of beauty. Do give it a shot. I realized it too late! Now working on them. If you have climbers, you can have simple pots as the climbers end up covering the entire pot! So climbers are the best way to conceal anything. Just place them in front of the wall you want to conceal along with a trellis and there you are! They are magical. You just need to put in little efforts to train them.
  • Garden decor – click here to know how to decorate your garden.

5 Best Picks For Your Balcony/Terrace:

You can always go for simple terracotta pots. But here are my 5 best picks that will help you give your Balcony/Terrace a perfect facelift! You can click on the images for more details.

This stand fits in both as a corner piece or against a wall. You can even think of keeping it indoors!

If you want to add a touch of exquisiteness to your Garden, these planters would just say it all!

If you have a space crunch you can definitely think about going for this one! I have a complete article dedicated to vertical garden. Click here to know more about vertical Gardens.

If you would like it colorful, go for these ones

Lastly, my favorite, simple and sweet one! When placed in a row, they tend to give a nice classified look!

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