When and Where to Buy Your Plants from?

With so many Online and Offline options available, one often ponders where to buy the plants from. I would recommend buying plants from a local Plant Nursery! Wondering why am I saying so?

5 reasons to buy plants from a local plant Nursery!

  1. ย Local Nurseries keep only the plants that thrive well in the local weather/climate conditions. So in short, their maximum chunk of plants are sturdy ones.
  2. Since the plants are sourced from local farms, they suffer less damage in transit.
  3. They are cheaper.
  4. You can actually see, feel and touch the plant before buying. You can choose to buy a specific plant which you like. A lot of times there are several options available in a single category. To give an example, have a look at the following images.

    All of them may be categorized as pink hibiscus. But you can notice the difference, not only in the shades but also in species. So it is best that you see the flowers so that you know what you’re buying rather than just having a vague idea.
  5. It helps create/foster employment in local area and by employment I mean all those who are engaged in this activity right from farm to the nursery.


When to buy Plants:

It is always a great idea to buy new plants. The only thing you have to be careful about is buying plants during change of season. In India this would typically mean the months of June, October and March. Two main reasons for not buying plants in these months:

  1. Like humans, plants also suffer from lower immunity during change of season especially if they are young. They either get infected with some disease or are vulnerable to pest attacks. I am not saying this to discourage you from buying plants. I just want you to be prepared for it. You ought to know that even if your plants are attacked or infected, it is temporary, like we catching a flu!
  2. If you’re buying plants for the first time, you should know what to expect out of it. For example, you bought a plant in the month of March when it had blossomed and had abundant flowers. You bought the plant expecting it to continue flowering just to know, that it has stopped flowering within a week’s time; only because its flowering season was December-March.

I hope this article has helped you. Please leave your comments on the comment section below and let me know your feedback. Also please do Like, Share and Follow the Blog.

Happy Gardening! ๐Ÿ™‚

Published by Reema

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15 thoughts on “When and Where to Buy Your Plants from?

    1. Hi Reema , This is Akshada- just to introduce myself, we were in the same class in MCC.
      Your blog was helpful. I would like to know more about indoor plants as my house doesnt have a balcony, but the sunlight inside the house in abundant. So plants can get plenty of indirect sunlight.
      Please guide me on the same.


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      1. Hi Akshada,
        Nice to hear from you!
        I am glad you found the blog helpful.
        For indoor plants – I would start by suggesting Areca Palm. Its beautiful. Needs no maintenance.
        The second would be crotons. You can opt for any croton available in your local nursery. Try different colors. This will add Aesthetic appeal to your rooms.
        And then you can add money plant. You can keep them on shelves, on a height, so that when they grow and fall(hang), you’ll have a beautiful look.
        If you still have space at home you can go for snake plant or spider plant. Whenever you buy snake or spider plant, buy 3 of them and place them in a row. Individually they don’t add much appeal, but when in a set of 3, they look fabulous.

        If you like the reply please leave a testimonial on the blog and fb page. Thank You! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I never went to a nursery cos I am from a small town where plenty of flowers and plants are freely available (left carelessly though) but this made feel interesting to visit. Thanks Reema for loving plants.

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