A Garden is more than just plants!

While we start with plants, a Garden is never just about plants!

A Garden starts with plants..

goes a step further with flowers..


one step further with Bees..

Another step further with Birds..

hummingbird pentas
This image does not belong to my Garden. But I have seen hummingbird hovering around my Pentas and feeding on its nectar many a times!

Further with Butterflies..

Still further with all the pests, insects, worms and weeds..

I have got 4 caterpillars in my Garden!

And a final one with predatory birds and insects!

All my upcoming Posts are about completing the Garden and how to go about it!

Hope you Like it!!

Happy Gardening!! πŸ™‚

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Disclaimer: The images used in the post do not belong to reemasgarden.wordpress.com




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42 thoughts on “A Garden is more than just plants!

    1. Wow! That’s so fascinating! I am always fascinated by Bees and Bee-keepers! Well, today happens to be the world honey bee day!! Cheers to your father!!


  1. Absolutely. I can’t to hear more. I have a substantial garden complete with plants, flowers, trees , insects, birds kangaroos, bandicoots , predators like foxes and snakes and other unwelcomes. They all play a part in life and balance each other out.

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  2. I recall setting up my garden in childhood now!! It was huge and with a wide variety of plants…and you know what, i had a created a system of small canals to water them all using a single tap as source!! This post took me back to my gardening days!!

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      1. Indeed it is!!
        No now i dont have a garden where i stay…. I live in mumbai so rest you can understand πŸ˜› getting a balcony even is a luxury here!!
        At my hometown we do have a courtyard though now….which makes up for not having a garden. Gardening is such a stress buster! And watching a plant to grow!!!

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      1. But the bees will not sting. They are coming for the flowers/nectar!! There is also high possibility of they being stingless bees!!


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