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Aditi Deodhar - Brown Leaf

When I realized that Mulching is the most undervalued Gardening practice, my quest for best mulching options began. I realized that there is nothing at par with dry leaves when it comes to mulching. During my search for dry leaves, I came across BROWN LEAF – a forum founded by Aditi Deodhar dedicated to stop the burning of dry leaves! What a beautiful concept I thought!

Brown Leaf Donate


Dry leaves are often considered as waste or litter and are burnt away. This not only pollutes the atmosphere but is also a substantial loss for the environment as what comes from the soil should go back to the soil. Aditi was deeply moved by this method of dealing with Dry Leaves. She shares that when she started to advice the city sweepers against burning of these leaves, they started piling the leaves; to a point that they didn’t know what to do with the heaps of leaves. It was to address this issue that BROWN LEAF was born.


BROWN LEAF was founded by Aditi Deodhar in Feb 2016 in the city of Pune. BROWN LEAF adopts 3 way solution for dealing with Dry Leaves – Mulch, Compost & Donate. It now co-ordinates demand and supply of Dry leaves.

BROWN LEAF has a dedicated app wherein you can inform about the availability of excess Dry leaves in your area/locality/Streets which will be then coordinated to somebody who is in need of these leaves.

To know more about the organization you can visit their website,

Aditi says, she wishes to replicate this model all over India where the dry leaves are burnt off! If you wish to take BROWN LEAF to your city or if you wish to know more you can contact!

Keep Mulching & Composting 🙂

Happy Gardening!



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8 thoughts on “The Brown Leaf

    1. Hi Ben! Long time.. How are you?
      Thank You So Much.. But all the credit goes to Aditi Deodhar who thought of such an innovative concept and has founded the BROWN LEAF! 🙂


    1. The problem of wastage of dry leaves is more in the urban areas than in rural areas. But we are more into ecology than in economics… so I haven’t done the calculations!! 🙂 🙂


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