Flower Garden – Part II – Hibiscus

Yellow & Red Hibiscus Flowers

No garden is ever complete without Hibiscus. The beautiful flower with lot of beneficial properties makes it one of the must haves for your garden.

Lets start with the pros:

Hibiscus, like Rose, is a sturdy plant, if you choose the right indigenous variety.

It is an all season flower.

Is available in various colors and shades. It is available both in single and multiple colors.

Is available in both single petal and double petal variety. I would suggest go for a single petal variety. To know more about single and double petal variety click here.

Precautions while buying Hibiscus – Always go for indigenous varieties. Never buy them just before season change. Buy them after the season has changed. It is highly advisable that you pot your hibiscus plant rather than getting a potted one. To know how to pot your plant,click here.

Keep adding compost on regular intervals. Assuming you have potted your plant, add compost monthly for initial 4 months and after that just once in every 45-60 days.

Happy Gardening πŸ™‚


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