Flower Garden – Part VIII – Ixora

Ixora Flowers

Hello everyone! Today we will plant Ixora. Beautiful, small bunch flowers are amazing to have around.

3 Reasons why you should have Ixora at your place :

They are strong & sturdy.

They flower through all seasons.

They come in various different shades of red like dark red, light red, orange, pink, etc. Nowadays yellow and few other colors are also available.

Butterflies love the bunch flowers.

Did I say 3 and give you 4 reasons?

Things to take care while buying Ixora; go for indigenous variety. The hybrid ones (the dwarfed ones) are very weak and don’t survive in the long run. How to differentiate? The indigenous ones are very economical whereas the hybrid ones are very expensive.

Plant the indigenous ones in a big pot as these plants tend to grow quite tall and bushy. Click here to know how to pot your plant. Keep adding compost every month for initial 3-4 months and then in once in every 45-60 days.

Happy Gardening πŸ™‚

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