Flowers I didn’t write about

There are many flowers that either I haven’t tried growing or haven’t been successful at growing or I have grown them but I don’t have enough knowledge to guide you about them. Here’s a list of few other lovely flowers you can try growing at your place. If you are already growing few of these at your place, Tag me in your post! I would love to reblog your articles! The images used in these pics don’t belong to

  1. Hydrangea
  2. Geranium
  3. Impatiens
  4. Tuberose or Nishigandha or Rajanigandha
  5. Dahlia
  6. Sunflower
  7. Denolix Regia or Gulmohar
  8. Daisy or Gulbahar
  9. Murraya paniculata or Kaaminee
  10. Daffodil or Narcissus or Nargis
  11. Tulip
  12. Viola or pansy
    B0030P 0004
  13. Lotus
  14. Water Lily
    water lily
  15. Kunda or Jasminum multiflorum

I love Kunda. I’ll share my pics later. I wanted to share information about kunda along with the jasmine trio.. but then I thought it would be too much! Hope you like the post!

16. Gerbera


17. Gazania


18. Aster


19. Dianthus


I love Dianthus. Very easy to grow. Low to no Maintenance. Multiple blooms.

20. Morning Glory


I have morning glory at my place. Again one of those easy to grow plants. However in my limited experience.. I have seen them being prone to a lot of pests! Found it difficult to make them climb in a specific shape as well. I hope I didn’t sound negative. Just sharing my experience. One of the reasons why I didn’t share it in the main list.

21. Allamanda


Its been more than 8 months since i first bought allamanda. Since I haven’t crossed the desired one year period.. didn’t include this in the main list. Very nice plant. I have a climber.. climbs really fast and in the desired way as well.



I had a very good experience with Salvia. I kinda like them.

23. Thunbergia


24. Begonia


Happy Gardening 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Flowers I didn’t write about

  1. Reema! We really want to plant a jasmine plant because it is one of our favorite scents, ideally we would like it to train it to grow up a lattice. Any tips on when to plant? The lotus and daisies are impeccable by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Colleen… Jasmine is a great choice… Choose a climbing variety. All they need is good sunlight and compost.
      the following video will help you know how train them up the trellis/lattice. ( The video does not belong to I found it to be very helpful, hence sharing the link..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You Vishu! I like your blog too. I have checked out recipes for pancakes and mayo… will check out all the others as well… Is your blog a WordPress? wanted to hit like…but couldn’t..!


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