24 thoughts on “Why are YOU gardening?

  1. Gardening is a hobby which I love and have been doing for many years it relaxes me….the soil the planting etc. watching the process of beautiful flowers, herbs, grow just gives me so much joy.

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  2. Great question Reema!
    I’ve been meaning to write a post on this😁
    My goal this year was to grow my own organic vegies, and grow flowers I love. I’ve made mistakes! But it’s fun! I love what gardening teaches me, not only about plants, soil etc, but about life.

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  3. Gardening is my hobby back then when I wasn’t working a day job.

    Our lawn was too bland, so I began planting seasonal flowers and woody shrubs. I planted a grapevine near our patio for natural shade (vines grow overhead the patio.) I also made mini fishponds to complement the greens.

    On summers, we plant organic veggies and sell it, it just take a month to grow leafy veggies.

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  4. Hello Reema!

    In these days of video gammons, and electronics. I find my jam in growing vegetable’s. Flowers are great, don’t get me wrong. Succeed or total failure, next year always starts off clean. And when you succeed it is good eating.

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