Don’t be scared to experiment!

Plants are living beings and you ought to care for them! Having said that, it should not deter you from experimenting. Making mistakes is one of the ways to learn. Don’t be scared to experiment… Here are few things you should always keep trying..

  1. Potting plants in different ways
  2. using different kinds of pots
  3. adding different types of compost
  4. making your compost in many different ways
  5. moving your pots (plants) around.. from full sunlight to partial sunlight to shade.. and vice versa.
  6. watering in different quantities to know the optimum quantity of water required..
  7. watering in different ways like drip watering, watering once in a day or watering twice in a day
  8. pruning at different stages
  9. Buying different kind of plants… trying all kinds of plants for your garden
  10. trying to grow different plants/veges/herbs at home.

Don’t be scared… This is how we all learn… its OK if your plant dies… Don’t be hard on yourself… The only thing that matters is you being involved with your plants.

Happy Gardening 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Don’t be scared to experiment!

    1. Hi Kiran…. How are you? There are various ways to keep pigeons away… Now that you have asked… I’ll definitely write a post about it 🙂


  1. My boyfriend tried growing a lil cilantro plant at home, and it was doing really well for a while. Then he over-watered it one day and it didn’t recover /: we will keep trying!

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  2. Awesome tips! I do understand some people chooses not to plant b/c they’re afraid or are sure that it’ll just die. It’s a bit difficult to ‘persuade’ that it might take more practice to finally find ‘success’ in gardening.

    I’m green thumb, and both of my parents are, my father grows forests and my mom tends our orchards. I feel grateful for being one because I can make plants grow and gardens thrive.

    Do you also have that ‘six-sense’ about plants? Call me crazy but I do feel what plant needs, like watching them gives me an idea of their needs. My relatives even jokes about me planting a wooden post would make it grow.

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    1. Hehehe… Yes I totally understand about the sixth sense ..
      And I also believe what plants need the most is our love and attention… 🙂 Nutrition.. Pruning.. Maintenance… Are all secondary…!!

      Its great to know about your parents.. They are true inspiration for people like us!! 🙂


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