The need to institutionalize Agriculture!

Agriculture, in India, is still majorly carried out by individual farmers and their families. In the absence or lack of farming (for the reasons mentioned below), a farmer only suffers a financial setback whereas, we as a nation, suffer from a deficit in food production. We need to understand this.

There is an urgent & crucial need to institutionalize agriculture for the following reasons:

  1. Personal Problems: Individuals are prone to many personal problems like sickness, death, family problems or family functions. In such events a farmer ceases to farm for a particular season.
  2. Income: Farming is majorly carried out for income. So, if there are farmers who have sufficient income from other sources, they cease to carry out agriculture or just farm in one cycle instead of two or three.
  3. Migration: The next generation farmers are well educated and are moving to cities for better employment opportunities. In such cases, the farms are often neglected or are not used to their optimum capacity.
  4. Farming of non-food crops: If certain non-food crops fetch better prices, the farmers carry out farming for those non-food crops rather than food crops.
  5. Agricultural Problems: On an individual level it is difficult to fight natural problems like shortage of rainfall, lack of labor, etc. On the other hand, institutions, being well financed, can easily tackle these problems by implementing solutions like rain water harvesting, mechanization, etc.

For all the above mentioned reasons and more, we suffer from lack of production. While many believe that institutionalizing agriculture may be detrimental for farmers, I believe it will be very beneficial for them as they can earn – rent for their land, salary for their work and a share in production.

I believe we can turn any situation into a win-win one!

Happy Farming! 🙂

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Published by Reema

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26 thoughts on “The need to institutionalize Agriculture!

  1. You said it right Reema, in us, individuals is real power, but society is one bigger group of individuals. Power is in people, and you can change your world and with common energy the whole environment. Step by step

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  2. Well Said Reema..I agree with all the all the points shared…I too whole heartedly feel farming should be institutionalized


  3. Food for thought. No pun intended. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if 70% of Indian population is rural, and the land is scattered, it does make for millions and millions of individual farmers. Multiplying the risks you mention by… millions. (or billion?)

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      1. That’s right… We are working on a project.. Just completed the ideation/conception stage. Currently working on its implementation. Long way to go… But at least the process has begun..

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