Minimalism – A by-product of Gardening?

Minimalism - a byproduct of Gardening

When you see a plant/tree shedding its leaves in autumn, you can’t help but wonder why didn’t I do this? Why did I not let go of the things that are old, dry and no more of any use? We clutter ourselves with so many material and emotional baggage. We need to let go. We need to understand that after every autumn comes a spring! Every single time we let go of things that are no longer needed, we make room for new and beautiful ones to come into our life. Applies to single facet of our life!

Minimalism is defined in many ways by many people. All I want to say here is let go off the useless stuff. I have been trying to get rid off the stuff I no longer need and with every single thing I pick up, I realize I have attached so many emotions to it. All I wonder is why? Do you as well?

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10 thoughts on “Minimalism – A by-product of Gardening?

  1. Hardest to get rid of the children’s things. My son is moving on to A”level exams at college now, another era over, old school books out, putting away ‘childish things.’ Happy for him but a bit sad.

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  2. So true..I have been trying to discard old stuff like notebooks and books i dont read..old stuff that has accumulated over the years..but everytime i hesitate thinking ”What if? “..i wonder whether I will miss my memories itself when the objects are gone?

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    1. Happens to everyone… that’s the hardest part… what you can do is…. keep all the things which fall in the “what if i need it later” category in a box and keep it aside. wait for another six months.. keep the things that you really needed and took out of the box (in those six months) and let go of the rest!! many a times the box stays untouched!!


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