The Neutral Approach

Here’s one thing I have learnt over past few years. Whenever you study something, especially the current system, its very hard to approach it without bias.

We, as humans, always want to blame something or somebody, especially, whenever we come across a “not so happy current scenario”.

I fought this bias for a long time. I had to teach myself to look at every scenario as is, without blaming anything or anybody.

For example: Many people blame the government for bringing in green revolution which over a period of time deteriorated the soil fertility to a point making it barren/un-cultivable. I don’t agree. The government did what it had to do to feed the population, especially after the famine of 1966.

There is no doubt that Green Revolution brought in environmental damage along with regional disparities and economic downfall for farmers. But it is also important to note that it brought self-sufficiency and self-reliability.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Study thoroughly to come up with your own conclusions about anything. There are many sources (both online and offline) that propagate bias and blame. Take the neutral approach.

This was my learning point. We can’t undo whats done. Neither should we try to. As Socrates said, “THE SECRET OF CHANGE IS TO FOCUS ALL OF YOUR ENERGY NOT ON FIGHTING THE OLD, BUT ON BUILDING THE NEW.”

Happy Gardening! Happy Farming!


7 thoughts on “The Neutral Approach

  1. Reema, sometimes to start a new foundation we have to demolish the old system, so that it’s no more a hurdle….
    You are right that we should check the basics first before pointing out a mistake…. but in India to fight with a corrupt system at every step discourages you to the core… I have so many personal experiences.

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    1. I know and I totally understand…. I have myself faced so many rejections and resentment… even when I am trying to start something good, with pure intentions. Its a tough way.. but we need to keep striving for a better tomorrow!!
      Its so good to have you here and share your experiences! I feel together we can definitely try and bring new hope and light! πŸ™‚

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  2. I am going to try more organic methods myself this year. The growing season is about to start here and I have leaf mulch started last autumn, our own compist, and will try some homemade plant feed.

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    1. Wow… that is amazing! So good to know that!! Animal waste is a great source of compost.. especially cattle waste… so if you have a dairy near by… you can source your manure from there…!! That is only if you need in large quantities… Do let us know the developments… Looking forward to your Organic Garden/farm! Very happy and excited for you πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚


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