Gardening Workshop at Bhandup, Mumbai

What an amazing workshop at Mayuresh Shrishti, Bhandup, Mumbai on June 23rd, 2019 Their enthusiasm, curiosity and love for gardening was unparalleled.

Gardening Workshop at Mayuresh Srishti, Bhandup, Mumbai by Reema Gopalan

Here are few testimonials we received at the end of our workshop:

“Reema was extremely informative & good. We need more detailed sessions to improvise.” – Satyajit

“The knowledge of the organizer is superb/ I myslef, have grown many vegetables in my garden with her suggestions. Thanks! 🙂 Reema! You are a rockstar in this field. Continue your good work.” said Rashmi who had attended my workshop back in November 2017 and then again in June 2019.

“I really appreciate the insight on the compost and soil of the plants. This session cleared many doubts and myths.” said Preksha who had helped us organize this event in Mayuresh Srishti.

“Very informtive and easy to understand & doable.” said Dr. Sandhya Anand.

“Overall awesome session.” – Archana

“Very good information, especially the organic part. ” – Amrit Kaur Seema.

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