3 things to look for before starting your Garden

Red rose flower at Reema's Garden

Now that you have the 3 things required to start a garden, lets begin by taking a closer look at your space. A lot of times people struggle because they go buy plants and then wonder where are they going to put them or realize that the space is too small or doesn’t receive enough sunlight. Here’s how you can avoid facing those problems. Take a first hand close look at your Garden space and look for the following 3 key factors:

  1. Where is your space located: Are you going to set up your Garden indoors or outdoors or somewhere in between like a balcony or window grille. What this helps us understand is the kind of plants to look for.
  2. Sunlight: Does the space receive direct sunlight? If yes, for how many hours?
  3. How big is the space: This helps us determine the biggest size of pots/containers we can opt for while setting up a Garden. It also helps us understand how many pots (plants) we can have in the given space.

Now how to apply the above information:

Illustration 1: You have a space indoors with no sunlight – You will opt for indoor plants.

Illustration 2: You have a space outside, say your balcony, but the balcony does not receive direct sunlight. Then you should opt for shade/semi-shade plants.

Illustration 3: You have a small space on a window grille, but it receives full sunlight. In this scenario, you can opt for beautiful flowering “annual” plants. Since they complete their life cycle in a year, you can contain them in small pots.

Wondering what are annual plants? what are the other types of plants? Lets go! Click on the next post!

Happy Gardening!

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