Here’s our plan for the New Year!

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Its that time around the year when we share our content calendar & Plans!! So here’s how we plan to do it.

We will publishing 2 posts every week. One on Wednesday and the other on Sunday.

The posts on Wednesdays will be focused on Gardening. As always these posts are intended to simplify Gardening concepts aimed to encourage everyone to take up Gardening. I hope these posts will be helpful and help you solve all Gardening related queries. If you feel there are concepts that I haven’t discussed about or that you have doubts or queries related to gardening – please drop a comment. I’ll try my best to answer all your queries.

The posts on Sundays will be an update about us – Reema’s Garden or a personal blog from me – Reema Gopalan. These posts will cover topics like – what we are currently doing, challenges we are facing, our achievements, entrepreneurship and a few personal blog posts from me.

And here’s the best part

If you had those moments wherein you could feel plants having such a strong impact on your life that it changed your life.. momentarily or permanently… share your story with us! We would like to publish your story, experience, article, journey on Gardening, plants and more!!

Share Your Story with Reema's Garden
Share Your Story with us!

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