Reema’s Garden – A Decade in Review

Reema Gopalan

Happy New Year Folks! So, like everyone else, I decided to have a review the past year & decade..

The strange thing about review is it puts us in such critical and grateful thought process at the same time! I have decided to be very optimistic this year!!

Well well we will see!

I started Gardening somewhere around Sept-Oct 2015! A year into in and I knew I had fallen in love with Gardening.

I created this blog and wrote my first Blog Post on Gardening on 17th August 2016:

After that, a year later, conducted my first ever Gardening Workshop on 19th November 2017. Here’s the event post I had created on Facebook!

Here are some pics from the Gardening Workshop:

Then Many Workshops Followed:

I conducted workshop for school/college students

I then conducted another one for NGO called Hariyali in Mulund, Mumbai. I think that was in Jan 2018.

Then after conducting a few more workshops, around Feb-March 2018, I had pivoted to create an Not-for-Profit Organization for a very ambitious Agro-Project!!

To be Continued….

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