Reema’s Garden – A Decade in Review

Reema Gopalan

Did part 1 sound very optimistic and sweet and nice…????

Time to get a bit critical!! 😉

So lets start with some mistakes:

When the workshops started taking shape around Nov-Dec 2017, I had further ventured into Gardening Projects. Things didn’t turn out very well. But there was a lesson for a lifetime out there for me:

  • Gardening and landscaping are two entirely different ball games and need to be approached differently.
  • You need to be absolutely and sometimes brutally honest with your clients – even at the cost of your business. Because sooner or later it will cost you your Business.
  • There is no point in setting up Gardens for people who are not really into plants. Plants are a part of your life. Having plants just for their aesthetic appeal is no way to go about it.
  • Sooner or later you’re going to fall short on your business commitments. Doesn’t mean you don’t take your business seriously or that you’re not capable. I had really very badly beaten myself up for falling short on my commitments. I lived in an idealistic world where “if you’re not true to your commitment what good are you?” What I realized was, sooner or later you’re going to fall short on your business commitments. What you can do is, see to it that the client doesn’t suffer any financial loss due to your mistake. Communicate directly with your client and explain to them why you failed on the commitment and ask for forgiveness.
  • Sometimes we cannot see things that are very evident because we don’t want to see it. Something very similar happened with Krushi, my agro-project. It was way too ambitious. I didn’t have enough of resources – finance, man -power, know-how but i wanted to do it. Nevertheless – i will make it happen someday, just not today!

I am very optimistic about Krushi, I’ll revive it soon!! Its my dream Project. One i’ll never stop working towards. 🙂

I share this because there are lot of aspiring entrepreneurs out there, and I want to them to know… MISTAKES ARE INEVITABLE. But I also want to tell them


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