5 reasons why you should attend the Gardening Workshop

5 Reasons why you should attend the gardening workshop by reema's garden

I am often asked – why should we attend your Gardening Workshop? Or
Will we become an expert on Gardening after attending the Gardening Workshop?
Or the best one & my favorite –
Everything is available on Google, why should we attend a workshop?

So here’s why you should attend a Gardening Workshop

To understand the fundamentals of Gardening: Here’s to answer the first question. You need to understand the basics and fundamentals of Gardening. Things that will not change. And if you ask me what are the fundamentals of Gardening – its understanding your soil. You get the soil right, you can grow anything.

To understand the difference between theory & Practical: Here’s the thing with Gardening, while you can learn all you want on Gardening, your confidence will develop only when you put it to practice. And we help you do that.

Where to start and how to build: There is no denying that you have everything available on Google and YouTube. Even this blog post aims to reach you through Google search. But here’s the thing – while Google is great to search for a particular topic, its difficult to help you get started. Our workshop aims to help you get started and then slowly build your knowledge step by step – using Google and YouTube and all other online sources.

Avoid the Confusion and Overwhelm: There are a thousand different ways/methods/approaches to do something – how do you know which one is the best or which one works the best for you? Here’s where a workshop comes in handy. When we teach you the fundamentals – you realize that as long as the fundamentals are in place, it doesn’t make a difference which method you choose.

Save Time, Money & Effort: Lets face it. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes but it comes with a price – Your Time, Money and Effort. And not mention a bad experience or disappointment, when a plant dies and you’re clueless as to what went wrong. Why not simply learn and then start. 🙂

And to sum it up and answer the second question – The 3 hour workshop is not designed to make you an expert but to help you understand the basics of Gardening and help you get started.

Happy Gardening 🙂

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