Why do you want to Garden?

Pink Rose - Reema's Garden

Hello friends, this is one of those posts where we have tough conversations, debates and discussions! So lets dive into it!

The internet is flooded with articles like 10 reasons you should start your Garden.. Gardening wave is here.. Its the “IN” thing… I get it… Heck, even I am here promoting and talking about Gardening….

But if you’re someone who’s not into Gardening and wants to start…. Just pause for a moment and ask yourself why… If your reasons are…. I want to give it a try…I want to start a new hobby… that’s great!! I would encourage you to go ahead and give it a shot!

BUT, if you’re motivation has come from some random Instagram or Pinterest image … Its time to rethink! First thing you want to think about is … is it only the looks/appearance of that particular plant that’s attracted your attention.

Do you want a garden purely for an aesthetic appeal and for no other reason? Because if that’s your sole reason, I am pretty sure, you’ll be disappointed sooner or later. Plants are living beings. They are not ornamental showpiece. They wont look the same all the time. They’ll not flower 24×7.. The leaves dry, turn yellow and then brown.. There are pest attacks and sometimes they grow in a way you wouldn’t want them to… for example, they may grow vertically instead of branching out .. or the climber grows in a different direction than what you expected to.

While it is human nature to classify the above behavior as problems and seek solutions; all I would like to suggest is acceptance.

While everyone has painted a very “ROSE-Y” picture of Gardening, I don’t want to paint a “THORN-Y” picture.. But I do want to say that the rose and the thorns together make a plant!!

Happy Gardening 🙂

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