Rangoon Creeper

Rangoon creeper Madhumalti flowers in Reema's Garden

“A flower is the way nature smiles”, and this quote is so true for so many plants! If you are wondering what flowering plant you want, especially if you have less experience with gardening, you definitely need a Madhu malti, aka Rangoon Creeper.

“Madhu Malti”, a name with so much sweetness, it literally means a small fragrant flower. And Madhu malti’s fragrance is only as sweet as it’s appearance. For it is a small, tender bloom which grows in a bunch.

A view worth watching, watching the strong creeper with its lush green leaves contrast with the flower’s colours. The perennial Madhu Malti, climbs (with support) makes beautiful arches so you could see a Rangoon creeper arched over your gates or peeping out of some balcony only to refresh you.

The peculiar flower, has elongated petals, and a striking colour combination that keeps changing. The flower buds bloom to a pearly white, only to change overnight into a silky light pink, finally maturing into a royal maroon. So, looking at the bunch of the beautiful flowers, we can’t help but be awed at the tiny details that nature has tended this plant with!

It does not require a lot of tending to, making it easier for most of the non-gardeners to have this creeper. The only thing you need, is the desire.

Happy Gardening!

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