Begonia Flowers at Reema's Garden

Begonia semperflorens are commonly known as Wax Begonia, Fibrous Begonia, Bedding Begonia or Perpetual Begonia. It is the leaf coloration which attracts many people to Wax Begonia. The bronze-leaved Begonias are better suited to full sun locations and plants will flower from spring. These kinds are seen more often in the warmer regions of India.The single or double flowers are available in various shades of red, pink or white.

Begonias do best in direct sunlight for 4-5 hours and then indirect sunlight. If they come with a pot, do not re-pot it immediately. Repot it after a month or two. They need continuous supply of organic compost. So keep adding compost every month or two.
Do not over-water the plants. Check the top soil before watering. So let’s be clear here – Begonias need care and attention. You have to keep a watch on the plant to know if it’s alright. Water, sunlight & compost have to be in perfect mix.

Design Tip: Due to their beautiful & colorful leaves, you can pair Begonias with any plant.

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