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Hello there! How are you? I can’t tell you how many times I have been bombarded with questions about Garden accessories and décor! I have received numerous messages in person and in social media asking about where they can get the growbags and planters and artificial grass from! While amazon has been the most common answer, I realized that amazon has too many brands & products and it is very confusing and overwhelming for most of the shoppers! There began my quest for a dedicated online store for Garden accessories! And I came across Gardenetix.

In my efforts to know more about Gardenetix, I reached out to Ramya Sekaran, founder of Gardenetix. I asked her how did she come across this idea to have an online store for Gardening. Being a passionate gardener and businesswoman myself I was very keen on knowing her story. Here’s what she had to say:

I have always wanted to give colour to my unused space in my home by planting beautiful indoor plants and table top plants. But my lifestyle couldn’t afford enough time for maintenance since I had to do work from home, manage business, balance work-life, taking care of daily needs, safe shopping, etc.

Now it’s time for us to think that it’s not wise to let a good crisis go waste. I decided to give my gardening hobby a new venture. I utilized my morning time which otherwise would go in traveling to office. I started finding places to bring in new plants and variety of planters. Voila!!! I’m a proud gardener now! I grow my own veggies, flowers and herbs in my terrace and Balcony.

What started as a hobby, turned to be a passion and mission! It started to be a stress buster and felt light. Owning my small kitchen or terrace garden made me proud and happy. Every day I felt satisfied after watering my plants, checking for pests, pruning, saying hi to new blossoms, posting pictures in social media, interacting with experts over various forums and overall it became a new way of life.

The shop for selling garden needs supply was then transformed to online platform and hence “Gardenetix” was created. It is now a platform for all types of garden needs like planters, grow bags, outdoor curtains, shade nets, indoor plants and so on.


I cannot tell you how much I can relate to this story! It was as if she was narrating my story! So now I wanted to know more! I know, too many exclamations for a sentence, but that’s how much I am in awe listening to Ramya’s story. I further asked her about why gardening accessories? Here’s what she had to say:

Creating a balcony garden is fun and interesting. Most of us live in urban side where we couldn’t afford a yard space for making green spaces. Yet we have started making our balcony into small garden spaces where we sit and relax. We have started bringing in grass floors, planters, furnishings which adds colour to our Balcony spaces.

Hanging gardens, traditional gardens, private park space, comfy corner, the modern green balcony, vertical garden, modern-tradition blended colour balcony, railing garden space what not? We have built all types of garden in our houses as per our creativity. 

A balcony garden can be created by upcycled products, hand made articles, eco friendly products, wooden, Terracotta, plastic, ceramic, iron and steel articles.

A small home décor brings elegance to the space. By this we have transformed our neglected corners, overhead spaces into interesting cozy Zen corners.

Inspired by the aspirations of urban gardeners, we have built a store for you to purchase articles which bring dramatic transformation to your fabulous gardens.

Now, isn’t that amazing!! In these pandemic times, when all you hear about is doom and gloom, how businesses are rapidly shutting down, Ramya’s story is really inspires us to look at the bright side! As they say, where there is a will, there is way!!

Visit her store at  www.gardenetix.com to shop for all things gardening to make your gorgeous garden space feel light and airy.

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