Golden Ceylon Philodendron

Golden Ceylon Philodendron at Reema's Garden

When I bought this plant, I tried to search a lot for information on this plant. But the strange part is despite of it being very common plant, there is little information available about this plant. But the good part is, you can follow all the common care and maintenance tips for any philodendron and apply the same to this one!

I love this plant particularly because of its color, size, shape of the leaves. It is really very unique. It has no back lobes on the leaves. Not very fond of the stem structure though! It makes a great houseplant and can tolerate low light conditions. However I would encourage you to keep it in brightly lit spaces.

Be careful while watering. Do not over water the plant. Water when the top soil (1 inch below the surface) feels dry. It is a great idea to fertilize them once in a month. I have seen them grow very huge (long). You can train them on a trellis or let them just fall or cut and propagate them.

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