Some peace please!

That day was a busy Sunday. After the whole week of completing targets, socializing a little in the evenings and then for some for work, having an off day with a long to-do-list, I knew I had little chance of getting any peaceful moments in the foreseeable future! It took me a few hours to finish all the work, but the summer heat, the busy streets, pollution and lots of noises exhausted me. When the thoughts of next Monday morning started to creep, I was ready to weep where I was.

Still, thoughts of home started making me feel fresh. It was almost late afternoon when I reached home. The quiet was nice, and being a tea lover, I still decided to make myself some nice, cool lemonade today.
I quickly realised how thirsty my plants were looking and after hitting my favourite playlist, with a lemonade in one hand, watering plants side-by-side, swaying to the soft evening breeze, I realised what jackpot I hit the moment I decided to have a garden. Just a few minutes of reading a book in the wet mud smell, little bit of stretching around my garden and another lemonade, that is what peace was, right in that very moment.

Published by Reema

Entrepreneur | Author of 2 Ebooks | Gardener

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