Gardening and Minimalism

One of the biggest drawbacks in current times is that when we say Minimalism nobody looks beyond decluttering.. Minimalism is lot more than decluttering or the number of items you own.. To begin with, Minimalism is understanding that we need very little to survive and everything beyond that is a “choice” which you have to make for yourself! It applies equally to tangible and intangible things!

It is about how we identify ourselves (or if I may say, how we search for ourselves, our self-worth, our self-identity in the things we own).

And in this process of understanding what things mean to you… You discover what truly matters.. What makes you happy on a deeper level… And this journey of self-discovery is what Minimalism is all about!

Minimalism is often construed as such a rigorous practice with owning so little… And denying yourself the pleasure of indulgence… And that’s not the case… The only reason you feel that way is because it has been imposed as a concept on you… And nothing that has been imposed is going to last long.. Even if it’s a good thing… That is where gardening comes into picture…

When you observe plants (everyday.. day after day) take in so little and give so much, you realize that we need very little for survival… And everything else is a choice… Now that you have acknowledged the power of choice..

There are only two things that can happen – you turn towards minimalism, conscious consumerism and sustainable lifestyle…. Or you continue with your current lifestyle and develop an immense sense of gratitude for all the luxuries you enjoy.. Both of which, is the most profound impact plants & Gardening can have on your life and lifestyle!

Published by Reema

Entrepreneur | Author of 2 Ebooks | Gardener

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