I was writing about colors last week, cup of tea on my desk, blank screen waiting to be filled out, my desk succulents and a color out of the window caught my eye. A bougainvillea blossomed with pink flowers swaying in the afternoon breeze. And was it a sight!

I wasn’t head over heels for bougainvillea as such, but looking back, just passing by a bougainvillea tree that’s maybe poking out of someone’s compound or just growing all by itself on a road side gives us such a freshness!

It is a break from the greys of urban areas and the neon of embellished greys. Flowers in general are so incredibly beautiful that words can rarely do it justice. Just like plants, these flowers have their own personality! Happy ones, melancholic ones, the blues, the whimsical, sun-lovers and nocturnal, the bold ones and the shy. Do you think any particular flower suits your personality?

Published by Reema

Entrepreneur | Author of 2 Ebooks | Gardener

2 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. I love bougainvilleas. I managed to grow one, and with consistent pruning, turned it into a flower tree. It’s a refreshing sight to see all the cluster of flowers swaying under the sky.

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