Living in the moment

Girl with dupatta in sunflower field depicting "live in the moment"

How do we live in the moment when we are all but running around with our hectic schedules and busy screen times? Is it even necessary to live in the moment? It’s for you to decide, but let me say something before you weighed in on your answer

What will happen when you are living in the moment? In moments of stress, you will see more than just your stress. Maybe you’ll notice the gorgeous greens around you, living fully and give you some hope. When you feel alone, maybe you’ll feel the vast amount of living you hadn’t considered before. When you feel small, you will see the little saplings under the towering trees and know it is okay to be small and grow in your own pace. When you feel down, you know you will be much, much better when you just get a little bit of rain or sunshine!

Living in the moment will let you see the little things that have been overlooked for so long, the little things that can actually let you live more naturally. So, let me ask you again, is living in the moment necessary? I’ll leave it for you to decide 😉

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