Show me the money!

Pothos plant in hanging white pot

Money Plant, aka Pothos and Golden Ceylon Philodendron are probably among the first few Indoor Plants I came across. I remember, I had them for a while, and they were growing so beautifully, without needing anything except water from me.

They finally grew to the point where they were hanging down from their pots. Then came the exciting time of getting some planters to keep them in, and some neutral, minimalistic look with their incredible foliage was a sight for sore eyes! I kept them together for a while, but then Golden Ceylon with its almost-fluorescent neon colors was looking incredible against the sunlight. So off Golden Ceylon went to my east facing window in my kitchen. To look at Golden Ceylon Philodendron in the morning while sipping tea is one of the most peaceful things ever!

And my Money Plant, it went on my office desk, because it just makes me happy! 😊 It is bright, deep green with rich light green highlights to contrast one another. To be honest, Money Plant and Golden Ceylon may have been the ones that really made me want to try to have other Indoor Plants!

What was your first indoor plant? Tell us in the comment section below!

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