Gardening & Décor

Beautiful plant in ceramic pot placed on center table

Do you think having a plant in any room changes the look of any room? That it makes the room more lively and cheerful, bring inside some warmth and freshness while helping you stay refreshed mentally and emotionally… Do you think having any plant in your home helps increase your creativity and productivity? Because I think an indoor garden does that and much more.

Gardening brings home life, joy, warmth and a sense of belonging. My home before I introduced it to my indoor plants was just as dear to me and just as beautiful as it is now, but bringing in some plants highlighted some areas in my home. It made my home as a whole very endearing. Now I may be biased so do tell me, did bringing some plants indoor change anything about your home???

Published by Reema

Entrepreneur | Author of 2 Ebooks | Gardener

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