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Gosh! That’s a start! Never had a post named Gardening! Gardening for me is more than just getting a plant and keeping it in my garden, whether it is a balcony garden, terrace garden, indoor garden kitchen garden or any other type of garden. Of course, one cannot have a garden without any plants. So, what is it about gardening that we may go wrong in?

Let’s start from the very beginning. Getting a plant is probably only the start of a beautiful journey that we call gardening. But the kind of plants we want, and the kind of plants we can have or get, is sometimes totally another story. Where you want to have a garden, what season it is, what type of soil you get, compost and fertilizers, gardening tools, pest attacks and what not comes along. So, in a way, gardening is easy until something goes wrong, which eventually does. And to go ahead after something has gone wrong, to not stop gardening, that is where the real journey of gardening starts.

Also wanted to remind you that our gardening consultation is now available along with our courses, workshops and E-books. So, you can take help from google, YouTube videos, other books, our courses, or learn it all by yourself. Don’t ever give up on Gardening!

Why I write about Gardening is a very peculiar thing.

Like journaling helps us in so many different ways, writing about my gardening experiences is similar.

There are a lot of things that we enjoy while gardening and then there are so many days when we get caught up in the speedy hustle of everyday that we often forget these beautiful moments we experienced. So, when I sit and start writing about these experiences, I first of all go back to the beautiful moment and relive it almost. And when it is written down, I may just come across it very unexpectedly and that might just make that almost forgotten moment that much sweeter. The efforts I put some day and the aim I achieved may just help me feel better on days when things are may be not-so-great…

The beauty of writing about gardening is that sometimes I realize some beautiful aspects of life when I’m looking back at them…

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