Beautiful flowering plants

To think of it, watering plants is one of the things I look forward to especially in the mornings.

I usually start my day by having a cup of tea and watering my plants simultaneously… I have a watering pipe which I use in the morning. Usually it is very pleasant, there is less pollution in the air. The moment water touches soil, I am engulfed in the pleasant smell of soil. I always find it so calming and relaxing! The sound of sprinkling water, mixed with leaves rustling, and the change in the sound with every different texture it falls upon, it just helps me to get fully awake. The way it seeps into the soil and you know your plants were thirsty and now are going to look happy and fresh again makes me happy. I also think different smells that hit me while I am watering my plants also play an important role in the calming process. Certain leaves have a certain scent that intensifies with the water, similarly do the flowers. You can see the growth or the parts that need cutting while you are watering and it is as good as saying hi, good morning to your friend!

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