Is rain water healthy for your plants? Let’s find out

Image of rain on lush green plants

Monsoon is such a magical time for all of us and specially admirers of the greeneries like us. The drops of rain have some kind of magical effect on the plants. As soon as the rain drops tickle the surface of leaves, they somehow become bright and lustrous. Plants are meant to quench their thirst through rain water and through ground water or residual moisture in off monsoon months. I mean it’s like meant to be. So naturally they will be happier in receiving water in it’s original form.

There are several factors which make this water enchanting. Let us understand how –

Rain water is soft

Groundwater or tap water that we receive in our homes contain several dissolved nutrients and minerals out of which calcium and magnesium are the most prominent ones. If your area has hard water then you might have noticed some whitish deposits on your planters or utensils. These elements can slowly build up in the plant’s system and can become toxic. Rain water is soft as it does not contain these harsh salts. Potted plants are more susceptible to accumulation of these salts as there is no continuous flow of water and soil gets saturated with them.

Rain water contains more oxygen

Ever wondered why plants rot due to waterlogging of tap water where as in excess rains plants survive for a longer duration? The reason is oxygen. As the water falls from above, it dissolves more oxygen and this concentrated oxygen lets the roots breath even in water logged conditions.

Rain water brings nitrogen

Nitrogen is a very important element for development of plants. Air contains 78% nitrogen but it should  be converted into available form. Rain water dissolves nitrogen and other minerals along with it and provides it to the plants in a form which can be absorbed by them. This is why plants appear green after a good rain.

Maintains ph

Almost all plants in our garden grow well in slightly acidic pH. Groundwater or water from municipalities are alkaline in nature. This is done to prevent corrosion of pipes due to acidity. Rain water has a pH of less than 7, which makes it more suitable for our plants.

Washes off dust and pollutants

With time dust and other particles stick on the surface of leaves. This decreases the photosynthesis efficiency and makes the leaves look dull. As the rain drops fall on the surface of leaves, it cleanses them and gives a lustrous appearance to them. During the monsoon season, try and store the rain water in barrels or you can even install a water harvesting system in your homes. Rain water revives the plants and happy plants means happy you!

Written by
Antra Thada

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