Heard of Bottom Watering? Here’s all that you need to know about bottom watering

Let’s face it, at least once in a week a thought does cross our mind as to whether have we watered the plants sufficiently or not. Or worse than this, we fear overwatering as it can lead to root rot very easily. Well I do have a solution for this problem – Bottom watering!

Bottom watering is also known as reverse watering. In simple words, this method requires you to keep your plants in pan or saucer full of water while they are still intact in their pots. And obviously, this will require a pot with drainage holes. You can also use a bathtub or a sink or big tub to water multiple plants at the same time. After some time you will notice that the level of water in the container has gone down as the roots have absorbed it. Keep your plants in the water for around 15 – 20 minutes and then transfer them into a dry saucer.

Benefits of bottom watering

• Plants absorb exactly the amount of water they need.

• Avoids the risk of over watering and hence you can let go of the fear of roots suffocating or dying due to root rot.

• Wastage of water is avoided.

• During top watering the leaves also get wet simultaneously. This can lead several fungal and bacterial infections which can be avoided by bottom watering.

• It increases the strength of roots.

Disadvantages of bottom watering

• It consumes more time and requires more effort.

• It can lead to accumulation of salt and minerals in the soil.

• Not all plants like bottom watering

So which plants like bottom watering?

Here is a list of house plants which can benefit from this –

• African violet

•Snake plant

•Cape primrose


•Small plants with heavy foliage

You might have seen Instagram stories and reels where people promote this method a lot. But practically speaking it is not possible to bottom water our plants regularly. But occasional bottom watering can also provide the benefits that you are looking for. Whenever you are free or have a day off, plan to bottom water your plants. In my experience, top watering is also necessary as it will flush the excess salts and minerals which accumulates with time.

Written by
Antra Thada

Published by Reema

Entrepreneur | Author of 2 Ebooks | Gardener

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