Let’s learn to grow mosses at home

Mosses are pretty hardy crops which grow without any fertilizer. All they need is a little care in the initial period of growth and they will grow perfectly. Here are a few tips for you to cultivate them in your homes.

Where to grow?

Mosses prefer shade and high humidity. So make sure you keep them in a shady place where plenty of moisture is available. Direct sun may lead to drying out of mosses. Acidic soil with a pH between 5.5 – 7 is best for their development.

Transplanting in soil

To grow them in soil, first you need to rake up the ground and create shallow thin lanes. The textured soil can make better contact with mosses. The next step is to water the area of transplanting and leave it for a couple of hours. Once the water is soaked in press the moss mat on the surface and mist the plant. Keep the plant moist for the next few weeks and soon it will grasp upon the surface to proliferate.

Transplanting on rocks or bricks

moss on stone wall.

It is a little tricky to grow moss on a solid surface as it takes time for the roots to penetrate. You can grow moss on a rock using slurry. Slurry can be made by chopping moss into smaller parts and mixing it with butter milk or yoghurt. If you wish, give the slurry a spin in a blender to mix it well. After this, you need to give birth to the painter inside you. Take a paintbrush and paint the slurry on the rocks or you can even pour it directly. Make sure that the slurry is not too liquid otherwise it will not stay in place. Keep on misting the moss till it has established itself.

Transplanting in containers

Terracotta or concrete shallow pots works best with mosses as they keep the soil cool but you can even opt for a plastic container. All you need to do is to form a dome like structure with the soil, moisten it and press the mat of moss on top of it. Keep the plant moist and in shade or indirect sunlight to establish it better. Grow you own luxurious carpets of mosses at any place you like and enjoy the lush green colours of mosses in your home.

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