Why Gardening?

Gardening or being around plants changes you. When you start spending time with plants you realize that we all live in a human world. Everything that we do revolves around our survival in this world. And if by chance, we escape this, we get caught up in the virtual digital world. Plants make us realize that there is more to the world than just humans. You realize that we need to celebrate our existence and not our achievement. Minimalism, intentional living and conscious consumerism is a natural aftereffect of Gardening. When you observe plants give so much and take so little, on a daily basis, you become aware of your own consumption. Rest everything happens naturally. This shift in perspective is a gift of Gardening.



“Reema’s online sessions for our clients at Fitato were a runaway success. She has a deep understanding of her practice and moreover made the session really fun and engaging which is very tough in online sessions. It’s always a pleasure working and learning from her.”

Karan from Fitato