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Happy Gardening 🙂 🙂 🙂


Don’t be scared to experiment!

Plants are living beings and you ought to care for them! Having said that, it should not deter you from experimenting. Making mistakes is one of the ways to learn. Don’t be scared to experiment… Here are few things you should always keep trying..

  1. Potting plants in different ways
  2. using different kinds of pots
  3. adding different types of compost
  4. making your compost in many different ways
  5. moving your pots (plants) around.. from full sunlight to partial sunlight to shade.. and vice versa.
  6. watering in different quantities to know the optimum quantity of water required..
  7. watering in different ways like drip watering, watering once in a day or watering twice in a day
  8. pruning at different stages
  9. Buying different kind of plants… trying all kinds of plants for your garden
  10. trying to grow different plants/veges/herbs at home.

Don’t be scared… This is how we all learn… its OK if your plant dies… Don’t be hard on yourself… The only thing that matters is you being involved with your plants.

Happy Gardening 🙂

Reminder: Plants are living beings!

I know it sounds and looks weird…. but we do need a reminder every now and then…

Especially after a beautiful flower series… This is a mandatory post.

Don’t buy plants only for their aesthetic appeal.. Don’t force them to look a particular way. They have their individuality like you have yours. They don’t have to look the way you have imagined it to be. One single flower is as beautiful as a bunch of 15-20 flowers. A plant serves more purpose than just producing flowers. Don’t force the plant to produce excessively by adding excessive chemical fertilizers. Treat a plant like your child!

Happy Gardening 🙂

Flowers I didn’t write about

There are many flowers that either I haven’t tried growing or haven’t been successful at growing or I have grown them but I don’t have enough knowledge to guide you about them. Here’s a list of few other lovely flowers you can try growing at your place. If you are already growing few of these at your place, Tag me in your post! I would love to reblog your articles! The images used in these pics don’t belong to


  1. Hydrangea
  2. Geranium
  3. Impatiens
  4. Tuberose or Nishigandha or Rajanigandha
  5. Dahlia
  6. Sunflower
  7. Denolix Regia or Gulmohar
  8. Daisy or Gulbahar
  9. Murraya paniculata or Kaaminee
  10. Daffodil or Narcissus or Nargis
  11. Tulip
  12. Viola or pansy
    B0030P 0004
  13. Lotus
  14. Water Lily
    water lily
  15. Kunda or Jasminum multiflorum

I love Kunda. I’ll share my pics later. I wanted to share information about kunda along with the jasmine trio.. but then I thought it would be too much! Hope you like the post!

16. Gerbera


17. Gazania


18. Aster


19. Dianthus


I love Dianthus. Very easy to grow. Low to no Maintenance. Multiple blooms.

20. Morning Glory


I have morning glory at my place. Again one of those easy to grow plants. However in my limited experience.. I have seen them being prone to a lot of pests! Found it difficult to make them climb in a specific shape as well. I hope I didn’t sound negative. Just sharing my experience. One of the reasons why I didn’t share it in the main list.

21. Allamanda


Its been more than 8 months since i first bought allamanda. Since I haven’t crossed the desired one year period.. didn’t include this in the main list. Very nice plant. I have a climber.. climbs really fast and in the desired way as well.



I had a very good experience with Salvia. I kinda like them.

23. Thunbergia


24. Begonia


Happy Gardening 🙂

Flower Garden – Part XX – Firecracker Flower

Heyy friends.. this is the last one in the series… Its called the Firecracker Flower or Crossandra infundibuliformis.

It is native to southern India but I believe it can be grown in several different regions as this plant has received Award of Garden Merit from Royal Horticultural Society in 2017.

3 main reasons to have this plant:

The flowers are very beautiful… But the Buds are even more beautiful 🙂 🙂 🙂

Crossandra is perfect to add that light orange color to your Garden! They have multiple blooms at any given point of time.

These are very easy to maintain these plants.

Plant them in Big Pots. Add sufficient compost while potting them and then once in every 45-60 days.

Happy Gardening 🙂


Flower Garden – Part XIX – Asian Jasmines

I really wanna talk about these 2 Jasmines which are native to Asia/India.

The first one is Tabernaemontana divaricata or commonly called pinwheel flower, crape jasmine, East India rosebay.  Also called as Tagar or chandni in Hindi.

The second one is Gardenia jasminoides

To my friends across continents… Both these jasmines are native to Asia… I don’t know how well they’ll fare in your countries. But they subtropical plants… So no harm in trying though 😉

These are very easy to grow plants. Since these are perennials, you just have to buy them once. They don’t need any pruning. Plant them in big pots.

They need good sunlight. If not complete, at least partial sunlight. Keep adding compost regularly, say every month for initial 4 months and then once every 45-60 days.

Happy Gardening 🙂

Flower Garden – Part XVIII – Passion Flower

Passion flower or Passiflora or Krishna Kamal are beautiful vines with incredible flowers.


5 reasons to have Passion Flower:

They are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

They can be grown almost in all regions.

You can actually see them blooming. They bloom very fast.. within a span on 5-7 mins. So you can see the unfolding of each petal!


They are all season.

Some are shrubs while others are trees.


Passion flowers need regular supply of compost. Add compost every month for initial 4 months and then once every 45-60 days.

Happy Gardening. 🙂

Flower Garden – Part XVII – The Nocturnal flowers

Today, we are going to discuss about two plants, which have very fragrant flowers and bloom only during night.

The first one, Cestrum nocturnum, common names include night-blooming jasmine, night-blooming cestrum, and raatrani.


The second one, Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, the night-flowering jasmine or parijat.


The above image of Parijat flower does not belong to

So, 3 reasons why you should have these in your garden…

For the late nights strolls that you take in your Garden.

For the fragrance. The enchanting fragrance spreads throughout your garden and your home.

They come in bunches. They have multiple blooms.

Isn’t it exciting? Few things to take care. Pot them in the biggest pot you have. Add sufficient compost while potting them. Add compost every month for initial 4 months and then once every 45-60 days.

Happy Gardening 🙂

Flower Garden – Part XVI – Vinca

Vinca also called as periwinkle in English or Sadaphuli in Hindi are beautiful small colorful flowers.


3 quick reasons why you should have Vinca:

They are strong and sturdy.

They have beautiful small colorful flowers. They are perfect for adding different colors to your Garden!

They need no maintenance.


They say Vincas are both annuals and perennials, but I have only the annual ones in my Garden. That means… new colors every year 😀 😀 😀

As I have said earlier, with annuals you can add sufficient compost while potting and just once throughout the life of the plant (or more if you feel necessary).

Vincas love bright sun and don’t fare very well in the monsoons! So be sure to buy/plant them after the monsoons!

Happy Gardening 🙂 🙂 🙂