Reema’s Garden – A New Beginning

Now this is a journey that I would like to document every part of! After I had put Krushi (My Agro Project) to halt which was around September 2019, I had decided, for next one year, I want to give it all.

My expertise being in doing what I do, I decided to start my own Gardening Hub in Dhayari Pune.

I opened my Gardening Hub in October 2019. Click here to have a look at our Studio.

October 2019 wasn’t easy. I was ecstatic and elated that I had found a perfect space for my office and Workshop. However, here’s the thing. Now I had to build it, as in I had to set up my office and my business. So initial few days were about cleaning and getting the place in order. The next few days were about setting up the right kind of furniture. Along came all the business compliance and other documentation and licencing that needed to be in place. Next was hiring. I had hired one office admin. She wasn’t good. So I had to fire her and hire another employee. That wasn’t easy. I have never before fired anyone. Then came one of the biggest challenge.. putting out the word saying “we are here” … You guessed it right… Marketing. I had a good experience of gardening but Marketing… I was a big zero in marketing. I am still grasping. It gets very challenging and overwhelming at times.. But its inevitable..

On 3rd November 2019, I conducted my first workshop in my Gardening Hub! Here’s the thing… We had just 2 participants! I remember very clearly and distinctly how scared I was about having just 2 participants. If you would have seen my previous posts of my workshops.. I had got used to having at least 15-20 participants… But then this is what fresh start looks like…. All sorts of thoughts like “what will they think?” …. “Will they be comfortable?”…. “What if they don’t like the workshop because there weren’t many people?”… and on and on went the thoughts… There came a point and I said to myself, “Lets see what happens!!” … And here’s what happened…

What I love the most is… I had just 2 participants – Neha & Vinita and I could achieve so much. Here’s the feedback that Neha left for me..

That was my humble beginning. Here’s me telling you.. If I can do it.. so can you… Don’t be scared to start small…

Happy Gardening 🙂

5 reasons why you should attend the Gardening Workshop

I am often asked – why should we attend your Gardening Workshop? Or
Will we become an expert on Gardening after attending the Gardening Workshop?
Or the best one & my favorite –
Everything is available on Google, why should we attend a workshop?

So here’s why you should attend a Gardening Workshop

To understand the fundamentals of Gardening: Here’s to answer the first question. You need to understand the basics and fundamentals of Gardening. Things that will not change. And if you ask me what are the fundamentals of Gardening – its understanding your soil. You get the soil right, you can grow anything.

To understand the difference between theory & Practical: Here’s the thing with Gardening, while you can learn all you want on Gardening, your confidence will develop only when you put it to practice. And we help you do that.

Where to start and how to build: There is no denying that you have everything available on Google and YouTube. Even this blog post aims to reach you through Google search. But here’s the thing – while Google is great to search for a particular topic, its difficult to help you get started. Our workshop aims to help you get started and then slowly build your knowledge step by step – using Google and YouTube and all other online sources.

Avoid the Confusion and Overwhelm: There are a thousand different ways/methods/approaches to do something – how do you know which one is the best or which one works the best for you? Here’s where a workshop comes in handy. When we teach you the fundamentals – you realize that as long as the fundamentals are in place, it doesn’t make a difference which method you choose.

Save Time, Money & Effort: Lets face it. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes but it comes with a price – Your Time, Money and Effort. And not mention a bad experience or disappointment, when a plant dies and you’re clueless as to what went wrong. Why not simply learn and then start. 🙂

And to sum it up and answer the second question – The 3 hour workshop is not designed to make you an expert but to help you understand the basics of Gardening and help you get started.

Happy Gardening 🙂

Why do we need to learn Gardening?

Yes, I get this a lot. People often ask me is there really anything to learn about Gardening? Isn’t it like… you just put the sapling in soil/pot and its done? I tell them I wish it were that simple.. Here’s why do we need to learn container gardening –

This is a piece of land…

Look at the soil…

What is this soil?

Soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, gases, liquids, and organisms that together support life. Have a look.

All the above factors together contribute and make the Soil eco-system (known as pedosphere) . All the above factors create a nexus/network that makes soil habitable.The following image will help you better understand the nature of soil.

Eco-system takes care of itself. For example, the insects and microbes decompose the organic matter and make nutrients available to plants. Or when the ground water rises, it brings minerals to the surface makes it available for the plants. Now when you decide to start Gardening – here’s what you’re doing –





Happy Gardening!

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Start Small, Go Big

I cannot emphasize the importance of starting small. Its crucial that you start small. I always say it in my Gardening Workshops, start with just one or two plants, maximum three. No more than three.

Flowering plants are the best ones to start with as they require very low maintenance. Also, they give us lot of scope to learn.

The plants need to be watered regularly (daily). Different plants have different water requirements. Excessive watering creates equal stress on a plant as inadequate watering.

Spend at least 2-3 minutes with your plants everyday.

Now, once you have been looking after your plants everyday, now add to your Garden every month. Buy 2-3 plants every month. Slowly build a Garden. Enjoy the process.

Keep it gradual and casual.

Happy Gardening!

5 Ways to Classify Your Plants

Hello folks! So you have all that you need to start your Garden and you have taken a closer look at your Garden space. So now that wondering which plants to opt for, which is at times very overwhelming. I hope this broad classification helps you get a better idea of the plants.

  1. Based on Life Cycle: If you’re one those who thought all plants live in perpetuity or that they have a very very long life, you’ll be surprised to know – not all plants live for long. Plants are majorly classified annual, biennial and perennial. An annual plant is a plant that completes its life cycle, from germination to the production of seeds, within one growing season, and then dies. A biennial plant is a flowering plant that takes two years to complete its biological life-cycle. A perennial plant is a plant that lives more than two years.
  2. Based on requirement of Sunlight: Not all plants need full sunlight. Some require full direct sunlight, while some love the shade(indirect sunlight) whereas there are many plants that live without any sunlight.
  3. Flowering & Non-flowering Plants: Not all plants flower. You might want to look into that while deciding whether to buy a particular plant.
  4. Season: Not all flowering plants flower through out the year. Many flowering plants have a particular season during which they flower.
  5. Indigenous & Non-indigenous Plants: Indigenous are nothing but native plants of the region that you’re staying in. Whereas non-indigenous plants are exotic or non-native plants. Non-indigenous plants require lot more care than the indigenous ones. Indigenous plants are strong & sturdy. It is highly advisable to go for indigenous plants.

Here are a few ways in which you can use the above information:

Illustration 1: You live in a rented apartment with a beautiful balcony with good sunlight but may have relocate next year – In this scenario opt for an annual flowering plant!

Illustration 2: You have a beautiful house and nice backyard. You have been Gardening for quite a few years and now you just want to scale up – In this scenario go for different types of indigenous flowering perennials!

Happy Gardening!

3 things to look for before starting your Garden

Now that you have the 3 things required to start a garden, lets begin by taking a closer look at your space. A lot of times people struggle because they go buy plants and then wonder where are they going to put them or realize that the space is too small or doesn’t receive enough sunlight. Here’s how you can avoid facing those problems. Take a first hand close look at your Garden space and look for the following 3 key factors:

  1. Where is your space located: Are you going to set up your Garden indoors or outdoors or somewhere in between like a balcony or window grille. What this helps us understand is the kind of plants to look for.
  2. Sunlight: Does the space receive direct sunlight? If yes, for how many hours?
  3. How big is the space: This helps us determine the biggest size of pots/containers we can opt for while setting up a Garden. It also helps us understand how many pots (plants) we can have in the given space.

Now how to apply the above information:

Illustration 1: You have a space indoors with no sunlight – You will opt for indoor plants.

Illustration 2: You have a space outside, say your balcony, but the balcony does not receive direct sunlight. Then you should opt for shade/semi-shade plants.

Illustration 3: You have a small space on a window grille, but it receives full sunlight. In this scenario, you can opt for beautiful flowering “annual” plants. Since they complete their life cycle in a year, you can contain them in small pots.

Wondering what are annual plants? what are the other types of plants? Lets go! Click on the next post!

Happy Gardening!

3 things you need to start your Garden

Want to start a garden and wondering how or what you need? Don’t worry, we got you covered. And the fact is, since you “want” to have a garden; you already got what’s needed the most! A will!

  1. Desire: I always start with a desire, because you don’t want to have a garden just for the sake of it. It doesn’t work that way. Its a ongoing process and you should start only when you have an innate desire for it. Rest everything is “figureoutable”!
  2. Time: You should be willing to dedicate at least 3-4 mins everyday. If you can spare more than that, that’s great, but if not at least three minutes a day.
  3. Space: You need a dedicated space for your plants. It can be outdoors, indoors, terrace, balcony, window grille, anything. But you need to have a good look at your space before starting out with your Garden. Because it is your space that will decide what kind of plants you’ll have.

So now that you have all the 3, lets start setting up your Garden!! Click on the next blog post!