Where to set up your Garden?

One of the most asked questions I get is about how to use and manage the space you have for your garden, so here I am, addressing the Space Factor!

Let me know what you think of it!

Happy Gardening!

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Are you passionate about Gardening?

How to make Organic Pesticide – Neemastra

Hello everyone! I know this has been bothering you for quite a while now. Let me share a quick, easy and effective way to make your own pesticide.

This method was initially shared by Dr. Subhash Palekar Sir in his Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) later on renamed as Subhash Palekar Natural Farming (SPNF). If you would like to visit his site for a more detailed information, you can click here.

You’ll need just 3 ingredients

  1. Cow Dung (Gobar) – 200gms
  2. Cow Urine (Gaumutra) – 1 litre
  3. Neem Leaves (along with twigs) – 1kg

This is to give an idea of proportion. You can make as much as you need depending on the number of plants in your Garden. You can also use this on your farm.

Now in a bucket or drum – mix all the ingredients. Crush the neem leaves before adding them. Add 20 lires of water and mix well.

Keep it closed and in shade for 3 days. Mix it/stir it everyday.

After 3 days – strain it. Use it directly without diluting it any further. Fill it in a spray bottle and apply/spray it on the plants.

You can store the solution for 6 months.

Happy Gardening! 🙂


This post is in continuation to previous post about creating vegetable beds. Click here to view the previous post.

Here’s another DIY video which will help you understand how to sow seeds….

There is no right or wrong way.. but helps you get an idea to start with..

For leafy vegetables you sprinkle the seeds around .. for others.. you’ll sow them..

We will be discussing inter-cropping in detail in another post.


Hello Friends.. This is the first-time ever that I am uploading videos from our project Reema’s Garden and I am super-excited about it!!

This video is about creating vegetable beds in your backyard or small farm – Manually!

Step -1

Step 2

Step 3

5 Hard Truths about Gardening

If you are just starting your Garden or you have been Gardening for quite sometime now, there are few truths about Gardening that I want you all to know about:

  1. Plants die: Yes, Plants die. Sometimes its your fault and sometimes, its not. I always try to explain in my Gardening Workshops – the reasons that could have caused a plant’s death. The fact is sometimes there is no reason. Plants are living beings and they die after sometime.
  2. You won’t always get expected/desired results: This is true especially with kitchen Gardening. There are so many things that can go wrong. Sometimes the seeds don’t germinate. Sometimes the plants lack nutrition, sometimes its the sunlight and other times the pollination and above all wrong season or unexpected rainfall…. Things happen! So long as we enjoy process and are not focused only on the results, we are good to go!
  3. Your Garden won’t always look like an Instagram/Pinterest Pic: Yes, you read it right. There are days when your Garden looks no less than a heaven.. the perfect beauty … But then there are days where there are no flowers.. No fruits… The leaves are yellow…
  4. You’ll make mistakes: No matter how long you have been Gardening.. You will make mistakes.
  5. Nothing called “NO MAINTENANCE”: While I can agree on the term “low maintenance”, there is nothing called “no maintenance”. If its your plant, you got to take care of it.

We got Featured! Yayy!!

So here’s the thing – We got Featured on three online portals in the month on December, 2019. Click on the image to read the post! I have also added a text link below.

Why do you want to Garden?

Hello friends, this is one of those posts where we have tough conversations, debates and discussions! So lets dive into it!

The internet is flooded with articles like 10 reasons you should start your Garden.. Gardening wave is here.. Its the “IN” thing… I get it… Heck, even I am here promoting and talking about Gardening….

But if you’re someone who’s not into Gardening and wants to start…. Just pause for a moment and ask yourself why… If your reasons are…. I want to give it a try…I want to start a new hobby… that’s great!! I would encourage you to go ahead and give it a shot!

BUT, if you’re motivation has come from some random Instagram or Pinterest image … Its time to rethink! First thing you want to think about is … is it only the looks/appearance of that particular plant that’s attracted your attention.

Do you want a garden purely for an aesthetic appeal and for no other reason? Because if that’s your sole reason, I am pretty sure, you’ll be disappointed sooner or later. Plants are living beings. They are not ornamental showpiece. They wont look the same all the time. They’ll not flower 24×7.. The leaves dry, turn yellow and then brown.. There are pest attacks and sometimes they grow in a way you wouldn’t want them to… for example, they may grow vertically instead of branching out .. or the climber grows in a different direction than what you expected to.

While it is human nature to classify the above behavior as problems and seek solutions; all I would like to suggest is acceptance.

While everyone has painted a very “ROSE-Y” picture of Gardening, I don’t want to paint a “THORN-Y” picture.. But I do want to say that the rose and the thorns together make a plant!!

Happy Gardening 🙂