Bring the Magic of Butterflies to Your Home: Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Butterfly Garden

Do you want to attract the beauty to your Garden? Creating a Butterfly Garden is easier than you think! From choosing the right plants to creating an healthy environment for butterflies, this guide has everything you need to know to create your own butterfly oasis! Get ready to enjoy the beauty of these fascinating creatures and transform your backyard into a peaceful haven. Log on to and read the full article now.

Expand Your Plant Collection for Free: Learn the Secrets of Propagating Through Stem and Root Cuttings!

Do you want to expand your plant collection without spending a fortune? Propagating plants through stem cuttings and root cuttings is the answer! From understanding the basics of plant propagation to choosing the right plants, this guide has everything you need to know to grow your garden. Get ready to enjoy the beauty of new plants and fill you home with nature’s wonders! Read the full article on


Our world is full of fascinating creatures and for me nothing is more astonishing than plants. But not all of us have the luxury of space to create gardens or mini ecosystems in our houses. Well, I have the perfect solution to this problem – TERRARIUMS! Terrariums are small glass chambers in which we canContinue reading “Terrariums”

Gardening & Décor

Gardening brings home life, joy, warmth and a sense of belonging. My home before I introduced it to my indoor plants was just as dear to me and just as beautiful as it is now, but bringing in some plants highlighted some areas in my home.

Krishna-Kamal Passion Flower

One of the prettiest flowers  to dot your garden, passion flowers are actually a type of vine flowers. These flowers are ideal for growing along your garden’s fences or trellis. For flower lovers, it is delightful to see Passion flowers in all their vibrant hues of purple, bright pink, red, yellow and green. What makesContinue reading “Krishna-Kamal Passion Flower”

Rangoon Creeper

Looking at the bunch of the beautiful flowers, we can’t help but be awed at the tiny details that nature has tended this plant with!

5 Ways to Classify Your Plants

Hello folks! So you have all that you need to start your Garden and you have taken a closer look at your Garden space. So now that wondering which plants to opt for, which is at times very overwhelming. I hope this broad classification helps you get a better idea of the plants. Based onContinue reading “5 Ways to Classify Your Plants”

One is aplenty

So you say you don’t have a green thumb? Or you think Gardening is too much effort and you don’t really want to get into it? So here’s me telling you to do it with just this one.