Gardening Workshop

What an amazing workshop at Mayuresh Shrishti, Bhandup, Mumbai on June 23rd, 2019 Their enthusiasm, curiosity and love for gardening was unparalleled. Here are few testimonials we received at the end of our workshop: “Reema was extremely informative & good. We need more detailed sessions to improvise.” – Satyajit “The knowledge of the organizer isContinue reading “Gardening Workshop”

Things to know when you buy plants!

Hi friends, I did guide you about when and where to buy your plants in the previous post. To read, you can click here. This post is about things you need to know while buying plants: Take time out to buy plants: I have seen many people who go to the nursery just like theyContinue reading “Things to know when you buy plants!”

Minimalism – A by-product of Gardening?

Minimalism is defined in many ways by many people. All I want to say here is let go off the useless stuff. I have been trying to get rid off the stuff I no longer need and with every single thing I pick up, I realize I have attached so many emotions to it. All I wonder is why? Do you as well? 

Thankful Thursday: Blogger’s edition #8: Ladies of the Garden!

Originally posted on La Petite Muse:
Hahaha! Sounds like the title of a Shakespeare play, doesn’t it? *Shrugging* Eh, I’m no fan of Shakespeare, but maybe these ladies are? 🤔Anyway… Pop in for a visit at plantsandbeyond I love Luda’s blog and today, I am utmost grateful for it. My friend Luda is extremely passionate about…

Don’t be scared to experiment!

Plants are living beings and you ought to care for them! Having said that, it should not deter you from experimenting. Making mistakes is one of the ways to learn. Don’t be scared to experiment… Here are few things you should always keep trying.. Potting plants in different ways using different kinds of pots addingContinue reading “Don’t be scared to experiment!”