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Flowers, flowers and More Flowers!

Now that we know flowers help attract bees, butterflies and birds; let’s get a bit more specific about what kind of flowers. We also discussed about single petaled flowers being better than the double petaled ones.

  • The next thing is to incorporate as many colors as possible. Its true that colorful flowers attract bees and butterflies more than the usual white flowers.


  • Also add as many different variety of flowers as possible. Fruit vegetables are a great option too.


  • Prefer both Bunch flowers like Ixora and Pentas as well as individual flowers like hibiscus.
  • Have flowers for all the seasons.
  • Go 100% organic.


Let’s Talk it Out!!

We discussed about creating and designing your Garden.. Now let’s examine all your apprehensions, concerns and issues related to Gardening!
Are you worried that the plants would dry up when you’re out on a business tour or vacation?
Are you worried about your relocation which is expected very soon?
Are you worried about water dripping through the pots?
Are you bothered that the plants might attract insects/pests?
Or is it about the water crunch that happens every summer?
Or is it about one of your not-so-good past experience?
What is it? Please leave your concerns in the comment section below. Together We will definitely find a solution!!

Here’s How it Works!

Here’s a quick insight into what is in store for you guys from 21st July!

Day 1 : We will discuss about different types of Gardens and factors to consider before choosing your Garden!


Day 2: We start with Window Grilles! We begin with different types of Gardens that can be created on our Window Grilles!


Day 3: We’ll discuss other open spaces like Terrace and Balcony!

Day 4:  How to pot Your Plants! (If you’re wondering why do you need to pot your plant, click here)

Potting A Plant-Step3

Day 5: Vertical Garden and Indoor Gardens!

vertical garden

Day 6: Not so soon…!!! I am not revealing everything! 😉




6 Days to Go!

Be with me as we walk together to make Your Home Greener!

Starting 21st July 2017!

A complete guide to design your Garden!

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