Cultivation of gorgeous and sacred flower – The Lotus

Almost everyone is fascinated by the glorious flower of lotus. It has a sense of royalty that attracts the eyes of every passerby and the colours are mesmerizing at the same time. And having them in your backyard or in your home is going to be super exciting and delightful. Growing this sacred flower can be a little tricky. But once you master the art of growing them, there is no turning back. Let’s learn some simple methods to successfully cultivate lotuses.

How to grow water lilies at home?

Each one of us is obsessed with different kind of plants and flowers. And why shouldn’t we? After all they are so fascinating, colourful and have so many different variations. One such variation is that plants can grow both on land and in water. What could be better than having some beautiful flowers floating in pond in your Garden? Water lilies are pretty easy to grow and look magnificent and soothing to the eyes. So, let’s learn how to grow them.

Transform Your Aquarium into an Underwater Oasis: The Ultimate Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 2

Are you tired of lackluster aquariums with sad, unhealthy fish? Aquatic plants are the solution you’ve been looking for! Learn how to choose the right plants to create a thriving underwater ecosystem for your fishes. From stunning, eye-catching species to those that clean the water and provide a natural habitat, this guide has everything you need to transform your aquarium into an underwater paradise! Log on to and read the full article.

Transform Your Aquarium into an Underwater Oasis: The Ultimate Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 1

When it comes to growing plants in water, we all switch to the easier choice which is getting fake or artificial plants. But why? You can create your very own ecosystem in an aquarium too and add some live plants to it.