Does gardening really help with mental health issues? Let’s find out…

It would be interesting to know that many scientific studies and psych evaluations are carried out which have proven that having plants around actually improve our mental status. Let us have a look at some of these studies.

All about flushing of soil and its procedure.

One of the major problems encountered in houseplants is accumulation of salts due to watering. There are several minerals dissolved in tap water which get deposited in the soil overtime. Salt or mineral deposition can also occur due to application of fertilizers. This problem is usually resolved by changing the potting mix but sometimes it can get worse. That is when flushing of soil comes in very handy

Let us learn to make environment friendly cleaners – Bioenzymes

With changing times as increasing awareness we all have started opting for ecofriendly products, biodegradable, recyclable products, and we try to replace almost every product which we can, with an ecofriendly sustainable one. One of the major source of chemicals and pollutants in our day to day lives are cleaning solutions and their plastic containers.Continue reading “Let us learn to make environment friendly cleaners – Bioenzymes”

12 easy to grow plants for your aquarium

Plants brighten up the place no matter where they are present. Even under water there is a whole new world of species of plants which we are unaware of. You can grow some of these in your aquarium which will give a homely feeling to the fishes and you can enjoy the view too. Let’s have a look at some of the plants which you can grow easily.