Bougainvillea and me

Flower Garden – Part X – Bougainvillea

Who doesn’t love Bougainvilleas? What should I write about them? One of the most Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, enchanting flowers on earth! These plants are perfect ones for fencing your garden. The thorns deter people from crossing over the fence/compound wall and the amazing flowers gives the beautiful landscaped look.

These are very strong and sturdy and require zero maintenance. If you’re placing them in a pot, choose the biggest pot. Keep adding compost at regular intervals.

These are climbers. So if you want them to climb in a particular direction, install supports in those directions.

Choose maximum different colors you can. All of them look equally beautiful. 🙂

Happy Gardening 🙂


One is aplenty

So you say you don’t have a green thumb? Or you think Gardening is too much effort and you don’t really want to get into it? So here’s me telling you to do it with just this one. Start with any of these, one single plant and I am sure, you can still call it a Garden!! 🙂

The best way to make your Balcony/Window/Terrace/Backyard look dense, greener and colorful is by having climbers around. Just a single Climber is going to make it look as dense as 4-5 plants put together (or probably even more). So if you don’t want to have too many plants around but you would love to have that green cover – Climbers are the best way to go!!

5 Must have Climbers:

So here’s my list of 5 must have climbers. But there are many many more. I would love to know your favorite climber!

1.Bougainvillea (Bouganvel)


2.Rangoon Creeper (Madhu-Malti)


3.Jasmine (Jasminium auriculatum) – (Juhi)


4.Passion Flower (Krishna-Kamal)


5.Garlic Vine (Lasun – Vel/Bel)


They all grow in pots as well. Don’t worry about training them. Its very easy. You can even let them grow on their own… in random patterns. If you want to train them, here’s a quick video by ehow-Garden.

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