Easiest Plant To Plant… The Eggplant!

Hello Friends, Bloggers, Writers, Photographers, Gardeners and Farmers..!! Missed you all so much!! Can’t believe it’s been more than 6 months since I last posted an article. By the way, my last article was on tomato; did you try it?

If you ever thought that tomato was a bit cumbersome task with planting and replanting; here comes the most easiest  plant to plant! The Eggplant!! 🙂

Believe me when I say, you have to do nothing for growing this plant. Just spread the seeds on the soil and its over..!! You don’t believe me right? Lets go step by step.

You need a pot which is at least 6 inches in-depth. That’s how long the roots grow. Bigger than that is great but not smaller than that!

Fill it with mud. Now spread the seeds on the soil. Please don’t press or dig them into the soil.. Sowing methods are different for different seeds.. The easiest one is to scatter/spread them on the soil.  This is how the seeds look…

Eggplant Seeds
This image does not belong to Reema’s garden.

Now sprinkle some water on the seeds.

Keep sprinkling water 2-3 times a day for next one week. Also (if possible) do not place the pot in direct sunlight.

The seeds take around 4-7 days to germinate.

The fun begins now!!

As you must have noticed these are very young plants. You just have to water them regularly and keep adding compost every 10-15 days.

The Buds start to appear in a month’s time. Have a look.

Once the buds develop, you’ll soon have flowers. They are really beautiful flowers. Mesmerizing indeed!

Once you have the flowers, the flowers will slowly wither and make the way for the fruit. Here’s a look.

And then you have the fruit.. Yaayyyy!!!

That’s it! HAPPY Gardening!! Ending this post with my favorite Pic.