Nothing more cooling than Gourds! This summer beat the heat with Gourds!

One of the most important activities as a gourd plant cultivator you would need to perform is, pollination. Plants of this family are highly cross pollinated as male and female parts are produced on different flowers or different plants. So, you can’t grow a single plant and expect it to fruit as pollination won’t occur without aid. Since we are growing these on a balcony, insects will rarely visit to pollinate. Hence, we need to take control of this and hand pollinate the flowers.

Revolutionize Your Gardening Game: The Ultimate Guide to Fertilizer Application

If you’re tired of dull plants and poor harvests, it’s time to take your Gardening to the next level with fertilizer application! Learn the different methods and find out which one is right for you. From simple and easy techniques to advanced methods, this guide has everything you need to maximize your plant growth and harvest while keeping your soil healthy and vibrant. Log on to and read the full article now.

All about Grow-Bags and Pots!

Hi! Welcome back to another episode of Reema’s Garden! If you’ve watched my previous videos, you’ll know how we talked about how to manage the space we have for our garden and how to use the available sunlight to choose our plants. In today’s video we are talking about the differences and different uses ofContinue reading “All about Grow-Bags and Pots!”

Start Your Garden with Vinca!

Hi! Welcome back to another episode of Reema’s Garden! It’s time to start gardening ! If you are wondering how to start and with which plant, watch this video to see the benefits of having Vinca as your first plant!!! Let me know what you think about it! Your gardener friend,Reema.