If you see these symptoms, that means your plants need immediate help

our plants can also fall sick due to environmental or nutritional problems. The only difference is that we can speak and ask for help, but our plants don’t have the ability to do that. We need to understand the signs that they are displaying to understand that they are in stress. Let’s have a look at some of the symptoms that suggest that our plants need help

Say Goodbye to Overwatering and Hello to Thriving Plants: Learn the secrets of Bottom Watering

Are you tired of Overwatering your plants and watching them wilt? Its time to try bottom watering! This easy to learn technique is proven to help your plants thrive. From the ‘Benefits of Bottom Watering’ to ‘How to implement it in your Garden’ this guide has everything you need to know. Log on to reemasgarden.com and read the full article now.

Wondering why the leaves of plants turn yellow? Let’s find out the major causes behind this phenomena.

The vibrant green coloured leaves and bright coloured flowers always soothes my eyes. I am sure for plant lovers like us this is our happy place. But many a times we see that the plants have started to turn yellow and the leaves start to fall. Let’s talk about the various reasons which lead to the yellowing of leaves.