You’ll be surprised to know your plant nutrition is not just about NPK…

Almost each one of us know about the application of NPK and how these 3 elements are life line of the plants. But that’s not the full story. Plants require other nutrients too and the deficiency or even excess can lead to certain dysfunctions in plants. Today I want to talk about other essential elements plants require.

Impact of inorganic gardening on our lives

Perhaps the most trending topic of discussion in the farming world is organic vs inorganic. We have all heard that organic food is better for us, we should switch to chemical free food and so on. But what about gardening which includes only ornamental plants or grasses which we do not consume? Do we needContinue reading “Impact of inorganic gardening on our lives”

Does gardening really help with mental health issues? Let’s find out…

It would be interesting to know that many scientific studies and psych evaluations are carried out which have proven that having plants around actually improve our mental status. Let us have a look at some of these studies.

The Shocking Truth About Soil Flushing: Your Plants Will Thank You!

One of the major problems encountered in houseplants is accumulation of salts due to watering. There are several minerals dissolved in tap water which get deposited in the soil overtime. Salt or mineral deposition can also occur due to application of fertilizers. This problem is usually resolved by changing the potting mix but sometimes it can get worse. That is when flushing of soil comes in very handy

Unleash the Power of Nature to Clean Your Home: The easy guide to making Bioenzymes!

Do you want a cleaner home without sacrificing the health of your family and the environment? Find out the amazing benefits if making your own bioenzymes. These powerful cleaners are made from natural ingredients and are safe for everyone. Learn how to make them in few simple steps and start cleaning with confidence!

Transform Your Aquarium into an Underwater Oasis: The Ultimate Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 2

Are you tired of lackluster aquariums with sad, unhealthy fish? Aquatic plants are the solution you’ve been looking for! Learn how to choose the right plants to create a thriving underwater ecosystem for your fishes. From stunning, eye-catching species to those that clean the water and provide a natural habitat, this guide has everything you need to transform your aquarium into an underwater paradise! Log on to and read the full article.

Transform Your Aquarium into an Underwater Oasis: The Ultimate Guide to Aquatic Plants – Part 1

When it comes to growing plants in water, we all switch to the easier choice which is getting fake or artificial plants. But why? You can create your very own ecosystem in an aquarium too and add some live plants to it.

Revolutionize Your Gardening Game: The Ultimate Guide to Fertilizer Application

If you’re tired of dull plants and poor harvests, it’s time to take your Gardening to the next level with fertilizer application! Learn the different methods and find out which one is right for you. From simple and easy techniques to advanced methods, this guide has everything you need to maximize your plant growth and harvest while keeping your soil healthy and vibrant. Log on to and read the full article now.

Sshhh… We are spilling the beans on carrots and radishes!

Do you want to impress your friends and family with how to grow juicy, delicious carrots and radishes with ease! From choosing the right kind of soil to harvest time, this guide has everything you need to know to create a thriving veggie garden. Get ready to enjoy the tastiest, freshest produce straight from your Garden. Log on to now