Inexpensive Gardening – Part 2 – Gardening Tools

Now that we have done some Jugaad about the pots and containers lets do the same for Gardening tools!

One often keeps worrying about how would he/she carry out all the gardening activities without the required tools which are pretty expensive! So here’s a list of things that you can pull out right from your kitchen and use them!! And as when you feel you’re thoroughly enjoying the process, you can go ahead, make some capital investment and buy some tools!!! 🙂

Below depicted are a series of images. To the left are all actual tools and to the right are the things with which you can substitute them! 🙂

The first tool that comes to our mind is a trowel!

The other options for trowel are

The same above utensil can be used as Digging Bar from the reverse side. Here’s a look!

The third on our list is a twine which can be substituted with any thread that you have at home

The next one is a pruning shear which can be replaced with a kitchen scissor!

Next comes Gardening Gloves! Though personally I love to put my bare hands into the soil and feel the mud; I know there are quite a number of people who do not like to do it and find it dirty! So till the time you get your Gardening gloves, here’s a Jugaad! Tie a plastic bag around your hand loosely such that you can move all your fingers, close your fist and open it!

A word of caution: Such a polythene Glove will only save you from dirt and not from the Prickles. Ouch!

That was my list of Gardening Tools! If there is still something you need and you do not have it, knock the neighbor’s door! 😉


Do you find Gardening Expensive?

Lets talk Money!
Do you find Gardening expensive?
Many people assume that Gardening is very expensive as it involves expenditure on
  1. Pots or Containers
  2. Gardening Tools
  3. Compost/Fertilizers/Manures/Pesticide/Insecticide
  4. Seeds
  5. Miscellaneous items like Garden decoration and lighting, etc
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